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Carmen Mata

Carmen Mata


Carmen Mata

The foundation of her kitchen is in her Hispanic roots. “As a Latina woman I always feature in my dishes exquisite mix that characterizes us, we are a very diverse population and a rich and varied cuisine,” she says. That magical fusion is what identifies your signature in the kitchen, although since its inception has a sweeping inspiration in European cuisine.

In her tireless exploration of international cuisine comes Gourmezza, a dream materialized in 2007. This company based in Miami, Its mission is to please the most discerning palate. Today Gourmezza is the guest of honor at the tables of some of the most important corporate events and celebrations of South Florida./

The passion of Chef Carmen Mata is on making her guests enjoy a sublime experience, as each recipe is the result of a harmonious blend of aromas and flavors. her spirit of service is undeniable and entertaining each diner with an extraordinary dish is her maximum satisfaction.

During her career, Chef Carmen Mata has appeared on several television programs and is currently ongoing contributor to many nationwide publications.